Franklin's Baby Sister, Franklin's Class Trip, and Hurry Up, Franklin

Classic Franklin Stories

Paulette Bourgeois

Contributors: Clark, Brenda

Publisher: Open Road Media
Published: May 17, 2011
Categories: Literary Fiction, Drama
Audience: Children (age 0-4)
Distributed By: Axis 360
9993 of 9999 copies available

Franklin’s New Friend
Franklin has always lived in the same house in the same town, and he’s grown up with the same friends. In this Franklin Classic Storybook, new neighbors move in—the Moose family! At school, Mr. Owl asks Franklin to be Moose’s buddy. Initially, Franklin is afraid of Moose because of his size but he soon realizes that despite their differences, he has made a new friend.
Franklin’s Bad Day
Since Franklin’s friend Otter moved away, nothing seems to go right—until Franklin figures out a way he and Otter can stay friends. Another Franklin Classic Storybook to delight young readers.
Franklin Has a Sleepover
In this Franklin Classic Storybook, Franklin can’t wait for his best friend Bear to come over for their first sleepover. However, when it’s time for bed, Bear begins to miss his own room—until Franklin comes up with an idea to make Bear feel more comfortable.