The Riddle of the Red Purse

The Polk Street Mysteries

Giff, Patricia Reilly

Contributors: Sims, Blanche

Publisher: Open Road Media
Published: June 28, 2011
Categories: Mystery
Audience: Children (age 7-8)
Distributed By: Axis 360
9997 of 9999 copies available
Dawn Bosco uses math, logic, and her detective skills to return a red purse to its rightful owner When Dawn Bosco finds a red purse on the playground after school one day, she knows she’s also found a new mystery to solve. But after she puts up posters and makes an announcement on the loudspeaker, too many people are trying to claim the purse! The only clues are a shopping list, some money, and some dust that looks like cookie crumbs. Dawn will have to figure out the riddle of the purse’s odd contents to find its rightful owner. This ebook features an illustrated biography of Patricia Reilly Giff including rare photos from the author’s personal collection.