Misty to the Rescue

Mermaid S.o.s.

Shields, Gillian

Publisher: Bloomsbury USA
Published: July 15, 2009
Categories: Fantasy
Audience: Children (age 5-12)
Distributed By: Axis 360
9993 of 9999 copies available

Meet Misty and the Mermaid Sisters of the Sea!

Misty and her friends are on a very important mission: they must find the six Magic Crystals that give life and strength the Merfolk, and bring them back to Coral Kingdom. But a wicked mermaid named Mantora would like nothing better than to keep the Sisters of the Sea from completing their task. This time she's sent a powerful storm that's blown the mermaids off-course. Can Misty help her friends get back on track?
Read all the adventures of the Mermaid Sisters!