Nate the Great and the Big Sniff

Nate the Great

Sharmat, Mitchell, Sharmat, Marjorie Weinman

Contributors: Weston, Martha

Publisher: Random House Digital
Published: October 28, 2009
Categories: Mystery
Audience: Children (age 6-8)
Distributed By: Axis 360
9977 of 9999 copies available
Beginning readers are introduced to the detective mystery genre in these chapter books. Perfect for the Common Core, kids can problem-solve with Nate, using logical thinking to solve mysteries! Nate the Great solves crimes with his dog, Sludge. But this time, Sludge can’t help. Sludge is lost! Nate looks high and low. But every clue leads to a dead end until . . . Nate realizes Sludge can help after all!Check out the Fun Activities section in the back of the book! Visit Nate the Great and Sludge!"Another satisfying entry in a consistently entertaining series."--Booklist "These simple chapter books build confidence in children who are just starting to read and who look forward to a new mystery."--Kirkus ReviewsFrom the Trade Paperback edition.