He Loves Me Not

Caroline B. Cooney

Publisher: Open Road Media
Published: October 29, 2013
Categories: Contemporary Romance
Audience: Young Adult (age 12-14)
Distributed By: Axis 360
9999 of 9999 copies available
A young high school student is so dedicated to her music that she has no time for the romance she secretly craves&;until she meets someone who seems to like her just the way she isHe loves me . . .Fifteen-year-old Alison Holland dreams of becoming a professional musician. No sacrifice is too great when it comes to her music&;even if it means giving up extracurricular activities like dating and hanging out with friends.Alison is overjoyed when she gets her first professional gig. Soon, she&;s playing at events all over town. But lately, she&;s starting to wonder how it would feel to go to a party as someone&;s girlfriend instead of the keyboard player. She&;s feeling lonely and left out, especially when the night of the big dance arrives&;and she doesn&;t have a date.Then, at a wedding, Alison meets Ted Mollison, a photographer. He seems to really get her&;to understand her dreams and ambitions. But is he more interested in his camera than in romance?A book for anyone who has ever felt like they&;re different, He Loves Me Not is about fitting in and branching out . . . and being loved for who you are.