Loving Spirit

Linda Chapman

Publisher: Open Road Media
Published: June 24, 2014
Categories: Fantasy, Literary Fiction
Audience: Young Adult (age 18-18)
Distributed By: Axis 360
9998 of 9999 copies available
When fate threatens to take Spirit away from her, Ellie fights to save her horseWhen she moved to England after her parents’ death, Ellie felt alone until the day she met Spirit, the skinny gray horse who seemed to see directly into her soul. At first, she simply loved him, but soon she learned of their secret connection—and her incredible ability to speak to horses without opening her mouth. This gift has helped her feel at home on her cruel uncle’s horse ranch, but when Spirit is threatened, her power may not be enough to save him. Ellie gets worried when Spirit stops eating. He tells her that he’s happy, but how can she be sure? With her relationship with her horse and her cousin Joe both in danger, Ellie learns a hard lesson about love. But nothing can break the special bond that she and Spirit share.