The Dark Chronicles

Steiner, Barbara

Publisher: Open Road Media
Published: August 5, 2014
Categories: Horror, Fantasy
Audience: Young Adult (age 12-17)
Distributed By: Axis 360
9998 of 9999 copies available

Miki O'Ryan jumps at the chance to be part of a mysterious dance troupe—until she realizes its members may be more dangerous than they appear
For several nights, Miki O'Ryan has snuck into the condemned Sullivan Theater to watch an enigmatic, shadowy group perform haunting routines that are part gymnastics, part dance, and part magic. When the director catches Miki spying one night, he invites her to join them.

The Theater of the Dead is a gothic troupe whose members all pretend to be vampires. Miki is thrilled to finally belong to a family, however odd it may be. When the gorgeous Davin is assigned to be her partner—and seems as if he may be interested in being more—Miki is ready to follow the Theater of the Dead anywhere.

But whenever Miki dances with them, she feels as if they are putting her under a spell with their sensuous movement and hypnotic eyes. Is it possible that these strange people are more than what they...