Happenstance Found

The Books of Umber

Catanese, P. W.

Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Published: December 1, 2009
Categories: Adventure, Fantasy
Audience: Children (age 9-13)
Distributed By: Axis 360
9999 of 9999 copies available
Master storyteller P.W. Catanese begins the Books of Umber trilogy withHappenstance Found—now available in paperback—when twelve-yearold Happenstance awakens in a cave with no memory of who he is or how he came to be there. Lord Umber and his companions rescue Hap, and the group sets out on dangerous and unusual missions that continue in Dragon Games.

Hap’s and Umber’s journeys take them to the corrupt kingdom of Sarnica, where Umber’s nemesis has acquired some dragon eggs. Umber wants to study a new magical species, but what starts as a quest for knowledge turns into a dangerous rescue operation. The deft plotting of these actionpacked, heart-stopping adventures will pique the imagination and leave readers anxious for the final installment.