My Brother Abe : Sally Lincoln's Story

Mazer, Harry

Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Published: December 29, 2009
Categories: Historical Fiction
Audience: Children (age 9-11)
Distributed By: Axis 360
9995 of 9999 copies available
Virtually nothing is known about Sarah Lincoln, Abraham Lincoln's older sister. This novel will follow the few known facts of the Lincoln family's early life, starting with the Lincolns' move from Kentucky to Indiana when Sarah was nine. It will cover their years living in a log cabin, the death of Sarah and Abe's mother when Sarah was eleven and Sarah's new responsibilities as woman of the cabin, and will culminate in the arrival of a stepmother a year later. The details of Sarah's character will be invented, but this novel will give us real insight into Abraham Lincoln's childhood, as well as the role of women on the frontier.