Battle of the Best Friends

Mermaid Tales

Debbie Dadey

Contributors: Avakyan, Tatevik

Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Published: May 8, 2012
Categories: Fantasy
Audience: Children (age 6-7)
Distributed By: Axis 360
9946 of 9999 copies available
In this splashy new Mermaid Tale, a megapopular boy band is set to perform at an undersea celebration&;but what if a mean girl keeps Shelly from joining in the fun?Echo, Shelly Siren&;s best friend, is doing tail flips because she&;s going to see the hottest boy band around&;The Rays! It&;s her classmate Pearl&;s birthday, and the Rays are going to perform at her exclusive party. Troublemaker Pearl has invited just about everyone&;everyone, that is, except Shelly! Shelly urges Echo to go anyway, but Echo doesn&;t want to leave her friend out of the exciting celebration&;so Shelly hatches a plan to make sure Echo sees her favorite group. And when the Rays do come to town (amidst plenty of under-the-sea, boy band drama), Echo returns the favor so that Shelly is included in the festivities&;in the most unexpected of ways!