Stay Where You Are and Then Leave

Boyne, John

Contributors: Jeffers, Oliver

Publisher: Macmillan
Published: March 25, 2014
Categories: Historical Fiction, Adventure
Audience: Children (age 9-11)
Distributed By: Axis 360
9994 of 9999 copies available
The day the First World War broke out, Alfie Summerfield's father promised he wouldn't go away to fight—but he broke that promise the following day. Four years later, Alfie doesn't know where his father might be, other than that he's away on a special, secret mission. Then, while shining shoes at King's Cross Station, Alfie unexpectedly sees his father's name on a sheaf of papers belonging to a military doctor. Bewildered and confused, Alfie realizes his father is in a hospital close by—a hospital treating soldiers with shell shock. Alfie isn't sure what shell shock is, but he is determined to rescue his father from this strange, unnerving place. . . . in John Boyne's Stay Where You Are and Then Leave.This title has Common Core connections.