Monster High Boo York, Boo York

Monster High


Publisher: Hachette Book Group USA
Published: September 1, 2015
Categories: Humorous Fiction, Fantasy
Audience: Children (age 9-12)
Distributed By: Axis 360
9995 of 9999 copies available
Cleo De Nile is so excited to visit Boo York that she's practically bursting out of her bandages! She's bringing her sweetie, Deuce Gorgon, and her beast ghoulfriends, plus a new fiend, pop sensation Catty Noir. The ghouls expect to have the times of their unlives partying at a gala celebrating an ancient Egyptian artifact, the comet crystal. Cleo doesn't know it, but her sister Nefera, is planning to trick her into making a scared promise under the light of the comet when it passes over Boo York - a promise that will change her destiny forever! And no one knows that the comet is on a collision course with the Boo World, hurtling directly toward Boo York! It's a fangtastic, claw-biting adventure that no one will ever long as they survive the night of the comet! © 2015 Mattel. All Rights Reserved.